He has undertaken over 1000 projects, aiding communities worldwide.


He has extended assistance to communities in over 10 countries.


He has facilitated the reversion of more than 500 Christians to Islam.


He has received recognition and awards from state leaders and communities alike.


Sheikh Abdulqader Al Jahdhamy was born in Tanzania and grew up with a deep passion for Islam and helping others in need. He was a devout Muslim from a young age and was inspired by the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), which emphasized the importance of serving others.

After completing his education in Tanzania, Sheikh Abdulqader moved to Oman, where he continued his studies of Islam and became deeply involved in charitable work. He founded the Al Wadood Charitable Group, which operates in various countries around the world, including Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Burundi, Oman, Yemen, Bangladesh, Nepal, Mali, Congo, and others.

Through his NGO, Sheikh Abdulqader has been able to help thousands of people in need, including the poor, orphans, and the needy. His organization constructs mosques and madrasas, provides clean water wells, distributes food, zakat, medicine, and clothes to those who need it the most. The organization’s efforts have helped many people to live better lives and to have hope for a better future.

Sheikh Abdulqader’s tireless efforts have earned him the respect and admiration of people around the world, and he is recognized as a leading figure in the field of charitable work. He is a role model for young people and a source of inspiration for those who wish to make a positive impact in the world.

Despite his busy schedule, Sheikh Abdulqader remains deeply committed to his faith and his charitable work, and he continues to dedicate his life to helping others in need. His legacy is one of compassion, kindness, and selflessness, and he is sure to be remembered as a true hero for generations to come.

Through Al-Wadoud Charitable Group

Mosque and Madrasa

Through the Al Wadood Charitable, Sheikh Abdulqader has spearheaded the construction of over 110 mosques and madrasas, enhancing spiritual and educational resources in Tanzania, Kenya, Burundi, Uganda, and Oman.

Living Homes

Sheikh Abdulqader, via the Al Wadood Charitable, has erected over 130 homes for orphans, the needy, and the elderly across Tanzania, Kenya, Burundi, Uganda, Oman, and Yemen, providing shelter and security to those most vulnerable.

Food Security

Sheikh Abdulqader, via the Al Wadood Charitable, has ensured the sustenance of over 5000 families in Palestine, Tanzania, Kenya, Burundi, etc providing food aid during Ramadan and throughout the year.

Water Wells

Sheikh Abdulqader, through the Al Wadood Charitable, has overseen the construction of over 460 water wells in Yemen, Nepal, Mali, Bangladesh, and Tanzania, providing clean and sustainable water sources.

Education Support

Al Wadood Charitable has sponsored the education of over 200 students, including orphans, by covering their school fees. This initiative uplifts communities by investing in the future generations.

Emergency Relief

The Al Wadood Charitable Group extends crucial support to those affected by emergencies, including natural disasters and conflicts, including providing Food in Palestine and other countries.

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